Masturbation in Blue Nitrile Gloves


Kitty Lovelicks

Australian / Australia
14:15 min - Mar 28 - .WMV - 636.06 MB


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Little blue gloves and a big wet pussy! In this weeks glove fetish clip, I am having fun with my blue nitrile gloves. I like the feeling of the blue nitrile, it is thinnner than latex, and has a different texture. The fingertips of these gloves are slightly textured, I assume for grip. The textured tips feel amazin on my pussy! I start by removing my sexy dress and begin touch my breasts and belly with my gloved hands. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine it's someone elses hands touching my body. Gently teasing and caressing my thighs, my fingers dip lower, ever closer to my clit. Finally I can resist no more and I begin rubbing my clit. Feeling extra horny, I grab my glass dildo and lube it up, sliding it slowly into my ass. My moaning increases, as does the pace of my hand on my pussy. Soon I'm bringing myself to orgasm with my ass facing the camera, filled with a glass dildo
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