Daddy Gives Raquel The "Prom Experience"

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Your daughter, Raquel, is pouting on the couch. She admits that her date to prom just called, and he canceled. Her mom already took her to get her make-up and hair done, her dress.. She was really looking forward to this. Prom is important, its the day teens become adults. Poor little Raquel will never experience that. Raquel begins to put herself down, thinking she must be unattractive to be stood up. You know exactly what will cheer Raquel up, and give her the same prom experience she’s looking for. Raquel is hesitant at first, and makes you promise to not tell mom.. but she agrees. Raquel was counting on prom for her first sexual experience, but as long as mom doesn’t find out.. She’s okay with it being with her Dad. Raquel begins to rub your cock slowly..and you begin to get hard. She’s always wondered what her Daddy’s cock looks like. Raquel slowly sucks the tip of your cock, and gets it nice and wet. Raquel licks and sucks every inch of your cock, and you suggest for her to try to fit it all the way down her throat. Your little girl, although not so little anymore, easily takes in every bit of your cock. Raquel sucks and stores until you cum all over her mouth and hands. She giggles and licks all of it up. She didn’t have to go to prom to get the prom experience