Soaking my leggings with squirt


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
9:34 min - Mar 26 - .MP4 - 401.66 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Hi baby, I know how much seeing my ass in leggings drives you crazy :) so when I went to the mall today, I decided to pick out this pair of hot pink leggings just for you. Don't they look so yummy on me? Showing off every curve of my Delicious booty? The front looks really good too. Although I have this problem where they keep riding up into my pussy. It's giving me a major camel toe! What? You like the way it looks? Ok, lets me pull on it more so you can see the outline of my phat pussy lips encased under. Fuck, that is starting to turn me on! Feeling the material rub against me is making my pussy start to swell up. The more I play with my lips for you, the wetter my pussy is getting. Since I look so good in these leggings I think I should masturbate in them for you? Would you like to watch me as I squirt in my pants, and watch my love juices soak through and drip down my ass and legs? Fuck yes, that'd be so hot! I reach for my vibrator and spread my legs wide to give you the best seat in the house. Fuck that feels so good! I spank my ass and hump my vibe until I have a gushing orgasm! I love being a naughty girl for you. I suck on my toes and tell you how kinky I am. I want to show you my pretty pussy. I rip a hole in my leggings exposing my pink holes. I show off how creamy my pussy is before shoving my fingers in. I am still so wet, I slide my fingers in and out letting you listen to how wet I am! Fuck, this feels so good it's going to make me cum again! I moan and scream as my squirt comes gushing out. I can't help myself I want to cum over and over again! I shove 3 fingers into my greedy pussy and finger bang myself into another squirting orgasm! OMG baby, how many times do you think I can cum