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Brandon Iron Apr 4 2017

Thank you for the feedback, Mystic_X!  Glad you enjoyed Dawn's vid!  Cheers!
Brandon (V))

DAWN IVY aka CHRIS TALIANA: Fuck and Swallow Honolulu-born Dawn came by for a casting and her reputation preceded her. 22 years old. Barefoot in a sun dress. Lived in Las Vegas as a minor but chased the beaches of Los Angeles. Trained as a dancer (jazz, hip hop, ballet, and stripping). 5'2" 102 lbs. Lifts her dress to show off her thong. Likes her butt the best. Started having sex at 11 but had no clue what she was doing. Went back into it 4 years later in a hot tub with more confidence. Spreads her ass in doggy and lets me rim her. Worked at a florist. Her favourite flower is a stargazer. Dawn has travelled to South Korea and found it very spiritual. She masturbates her shaved pussy. Before a blowjob can begin, she starts jerking me with her soft-soled size 6 feet. I lick her pussy and fuck her in missionary while smelling her toes. She turns over in doggy and arches for me. Pussy gets piston-pumped. "I want to eat your cum!" I get carried away and stick my index finger in her butt, lasting a second or two before she brushes me away. Undulating waves of ass on my dick cause me to go over the edge and cum in her mouth. She swallows a big, hot load and blows a kiss to the camera