Alice's Shrinking JOI - Star Nine

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I know that you see my Alice in Wonderland costume sneaking a peek under this trench coat. You are just chomping at the bit to see your sister in your favorite outfit. If you want to see the view it will cost you. The price is half of your height. Get to ass level and look up to me. I cannot believe that you want to jack off but we can make a deal that you lose half of your height. Take off your clothes and let me watch. Does looking upskirt and seeing my panties, turn you on? Did I forget to mention that cumming costs extra? You will shrink to bug size if you want to do that. Cum in my dress, because I am superior to you and would not touch your cum. This dress is so special to you and you wish you could get lost in Alice's dress forever and ever. You are so pathetic, I could crush you with my feet or eat you, or make you my servant. There is no need for such a perverted brother, and I could make you shrink into non-existence. Let's make it a game. I am going to sit on you and drown you with my petticoats. Every second that you are trapped under the dress, it will cost you half of your height. If you can escape before shrink into nothing, I will grow you back. How does it feel to let the fabric pool around you? It is hard to breath isn't it? Did I forget to mention that I can hold my dress down and keep you from escaping? You are just too small to push through the fabric. Looks like you have gotten lost. Oh well, I did not need a brother anyways. OTHER KEYWORDS- fairy tales, costumes, cosplay, jerk off instruction, joi, female domination, femdom, dirty talk, fetish clothes, sisters, taboo, homewrecker, older woman younger man, upskirt, blond, blonde, Star Nine, Star 9, Wonderland, POV, point of view, domination, dominate, long hair