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Lost Tapes - Clip 9


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Greek / Canada
18:03 min - Mar 27 - .MP4 - 1.54 GB


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The Lost Tapes As an older couple we started Amateur Porn long before the ease and the quality of modern media and computers ..This series "The Lost Tapes" are old forgotten tapes when Christine and myself were much younger ..This Library of clips range from 1996 - 2004. The recordings are of home movies that was recorded on 8 mm and have been long forgotten about until now. These clips are of decent quality and very watchable ...But remember there was no such thing as 4k video in those days. Christine was and is a hot lady but in these clips - a more slender, younger and just as horny as ever entertains us 20 years ago just as she does today . There are many clips in this series . CLIP CONTENT - This would be around the 2000. Christine is wearing purple stockings and a garter belt, a jean skirt, tight red top and some white high heels. ..It starts would a good cock tease. Christine in pee position...knees parted and begins to me and herself. .She rubs her pussy and plays with her tits ( there is some nipple sucking later on the clip )..She finger fucks herself ..getting me turned on .We move to the bedroom and the tease continues ..but soon she wants my cock and wants to suck it ...standing on the bed and shooting into the mirror we get Christine sucking my thick cock passionately . .From there she masturbates with a toy and then I lick her pussy and make her cum ...Returning the favor she goes back to giving me a great blowjob ......We finish of with me fucking Christine missionary and shooting a huge load that shoots covering her body