POV Squats Week 1

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1,172 5.0
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DrVenture28 - Top reviewer Apr 6 2017
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I'm assuming "Week 1" in the title means there will future videos. If so I can't wait. Only thing that'll make this video better is if I can actually smell the pants Smiley's working out in. Thanks for catering to us perv's that try so hard not to look while in the gym. ;-)

Smiley loves to keep her butt perky and round. She bought a at home gym to exercise in private without everyone looking at her ass. luckily for you, a hidden camera shows you every angle of her perfect ass. You no longer have to stare at strangers at the gym. Now you have Smiley's ass to admire in the comfort of your own home. Her round booty widens out as she gets lower. Smiley isn't wearing ANY underwear so you don't see any pantylines but you do get a perfect shot of her naughty party as the tight yoga pants wrap around her lines and curves. Each time she squats down you gets to see her little pussy lips directly in your face. Imagine the smells of her warm sweaty body. Smiley squats and squats until her legs begin to shake and she starts to moan
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