Reluctant Impregnation: Raffle Winner

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1,869 5.0
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Kyle Lin - Top reviewer Sep 28 2017
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Oh, I’m gonna get me some o’ dat booty.

Marissa Sweet Oct 5 2017

Uh? lol

arrow2ken - Top reviewer May 19 2017
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Love the glasses and unique feel of this impregnation fantasy. Instant classic.

Marissa Sweet May 20 2017

Thank you so much for your review! :)

This is a custom video and tailored to the individual: In this video you are the winner to my impregnation raffle, I am very disappointed for you to have won and really reluctant about the whole ordeal. I lightly humiliate you expressing how I don't want to carry YOUR baby, we have sex and the whole time I just want you to cum in me and get it over with. What will my reaction be when you finally impregnate me
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