Hairy Masturbation

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Clara Crisp

American / US
353 5.0
6:40 min - Mar 28 - .MP4 - 251.24 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Alisha White - Top reviewer Apr 14
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great stuff for fans of hair!

Clarabelle Woods - Top reviewer Feb 16
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Clara is such a babe in this video!

FrenchLickIndiana - Top reviewer Aug 21
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Clara is so gorgeous. If you like watching a gorgeous woman fap & orgasm (this -is- ManyVids- so this should be 90% of you), Hairy Masturbation is a bargain video.

mecho11 - Top reviewer Aug 5
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Captivating Clara CUMs like a beautiful waterfall in gasping little fits as her nostrils flare and knees smash together! Her lovely authentic hairy ORGASMS are extremely watchable and her body is female pleasure in action! Highly recommended!!

I use a dildo and vibrator on my hairy pussy until I cum hard