Doctor Tims Naughty Patient

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American / Tardis
443 5.0
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Itor Maidakopf - Top reviewer Jul 5
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A super sexy scenario executed just as sexily. Her description and the preview give you a very good idea of what the video is like. Each scene is hotter than the last, and she takes her time with each as she builds you up to a deeply satisfying finish. Helping tie it all together is her dialogue, seductive and sweet in her submissiveness and eagerness to please you.

Custom video says the name Tim) I am one of Doctor Tims patients. I have no idea why men are afraid of me, I show off my body to Dr Tim explaining that i have so much to give a man. I twerk, shake, smack and display my booty for Doctor Tim, being flirty with him as I continue to talk about how boys just cant handle me and how i want Doctor Tim to take my ass. I see he is turned on and tell him to pull his cock out. I then decide to show him how I suck a cock and take him into my mouth. I then get in face down ass up position and beg him to cum on my ass