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Stolen Panty Punishment


Star Nine

American / California
10:23 min - Mar 30 - .MP4 - 377.78 MB


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Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart. I catch my brother, Lance, jerking it to my worn panties in the living room! Now I know where all my underwear have been disappearing to. I order him not to move, or I'll tell mom, and go find the rest of my missing panties in his room. Some of them are even crusty with his cum! I punish him, stuffing the most used ones in his mouth & taping them in. Then I tease him with the aroma of the others, eventually removing the pair I have on & pulling them over his face. I dominate him with my hands, pinching his nose and covering his mouth so all he can breath in is the scent of me while I scold him. Includes worn panties, taboo themes, hand over mouth, smell fetish, HOM