BBW Big Oiled Ass Jiggling & Spreading

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CUSTOM VIDEO: Miss Mina, I just discovered your videos and am hooked! Can you do a video of you fully naked with your hair tied up. I'd like if you can do some twerking, jiggle your body, and open your booty. The camera angles can vary from close up, to just your booty, to full view (if possible). Maybe say things like how horny you are. I want to see all the curves of your nude body from head to toe. Face down ass up and spreading in between shaking and showing off your booty.If you can do this for me I'd be extremely grateful! I purchased your older vids Miss Mina's famous ass jump and Big Butt Goddes in High Heels. Needless to say I'm thoroughly addicted. I loved these vids because it's you just letting your body jiggle, especially your booty. I think you look good without makeup as well, it gives you a more down to earth (real woman next door) vibe, which I think is sexier than all the fakeness out there these days! I've never been more turned on by a performer than I have of you and your videos. Download my exclusive video and watch my massive booty shake, jiggle & jump in your face. You'll shoot load after load watching it. A must have for my big butt obsessed minions. Includes: asshole, oiled asshole, anal rubbing with finger, nude, oil, jiggling, wet and messy, wet & messy, oiled ass, bbw, big butt, whooty, pawg, ass spreading, ass shaking, ass clapping, clenching ass cheeks, ass bouncing, feet, legs, belly fetish, big tits, deep ass crack, eye glasses, no makeup, pony tail, spreading legs, cellulite, fat, licking,wide hips, pov, solo female, white booty, pear shape, bottom heavy, curves, curvy, & so much more