Brittany's Shae's Foot Rub

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Brittany Shae leans back and enjoys the foot massage you are giving her. You strip off her over the knee socks and reveal her cute little bare feet which she immediately wiggles in appreciation. Digging into those delectable soles, an extra hand adds some baby oil and the perfect feet now glisten and glow. Dollops of creamy lotion plop on her toes, and you are careful to get in between each toe to fully rub it in. She helps make it easier by pointing and flexing her toes. The focus is on her feet, but there are glimpses of her huge smile as she takes in your touch. OTHER KEYWORDS- foot massage, oil/lotion, oily feet, POV, toe wiggling, footrub, foot play, soles, toe fetish, Brittanty Shae, Brittany Shay, plaid skirt, schoolgirl skirt, candid, brunette, point of view