O Face For Johnny Deer's Instincts

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Victoria Brassy

American / Booty City
86 5.0
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bbcrazy Jul 26
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Love the deer pelts in the background. Real animalistic and raw.

Custom Video for Johnny: Special attention has been given to my face before, during and after orgasms but there is plenty of up close and personal shots of my pussy, too. Deer pelt is in the background while I undress out of my leopard print lingerie and panties. I play with my clit using my fingers and the help of my favorite toy fucking my insides hard as I lay on my back just taking it all in without any idea what is going on around me. This is probably one of my best orgasms I've had in a while and the first video ever made with my HD webcam. Please ❤️ and comment if you enjoyed my little video. It would make my day