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The Vampire Layer - Star Nine

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This is an AUDIO ONLY story. NO VIDEO. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going undercover to stop a vampire and teases her boyfriend that she will stake him and definitely not kiss him. The minidress, black hose and high heels will seduce him as much as the fawning. After the date she gives a rundown about how the hookah bar had a mesmerizing smoke. There was no hope to resist the slow, deep breaths. Locking eyes with the vampire, he's pleased with her mental control and is confident that she will succumb to his male domination. His sexy confidence and eye contact makes it easy for her submission. She complies dreamily as he tells her to look into his eyes and relax while caressing softly. As the date progresses, she's emphasizing her nylons because of his pantyhose fetish. He leads her away for a passionate, slow hookup and she cums so many times before they cum together. Buffy's boyfriend is shocked by being cuckolded and that she didn't slay the vampire. She's confused because she said that she wanted to be a vampire layer and encourages him to fantasize about her homewrecking fantasies. She still wants to be with her boyfriend, but cheating with the Vampire was so erotic! Includes audio only, erotic audio, vampire, cuckolding, cheating Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

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