Pantyhose Foot Massage


Star Nine

American / California
9:54 min - Apr 01 - .MP4 - 363.71 MB


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Featuring Kitty Twinkletoes & Star Nine. Kitty's feet ache from dancing all day, she tells Star that she wishes someone would rub her feet. Star suggests that she check out the nail salon down the street, they give awesome massages with their pedicures & it's super affordable. Kitty explains that she can't go to nail salons because of her dancer feet. She can't get a decent massage from her boyfriend either. Star reluctantly massages Kitty's hosed feet, warning her that something weird usually happens when she gives foot massages. Sure enough, when Star starts digging deep into the pressure points, Kitty has a spontaneous orgasm. Includes pantyhose orgasms, foot massage