Kitty Kate and the Tenga Spiral Sleeve

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Canadian / Montreal
5,712 4.8
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I loved it Would like to her to speak more in these, a little dirty talk we go a long way keep up the good work

Slothking97 - Top reviewer Nov 3
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Definitely looks quite enjoyable especially with that big finish.

eckals May 2
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Another amazing video from Kate, getting to see your first experience with a new toy and knowing how much you enjoyed it made this video amazing! I had never heard of the Tenga Sleeves before now but now I will definitely have to go check them out cause they look like they feel amazing.

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First video i purchased of Kate and i already in love! I'm planning to buy more contents from her.

Check it out! I got some cute clip on cat ears (with bows and bells!) plus a Tenga 3D spiral sleeve (it's like a fleshlight, but better!) and I spent 22 minutes just showing them off for you and then licking up the resulting mix of cum and lube! It's also my first scene shot in my new apartment! Exclamation marks