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34,333 5.0
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Nitroxdiver808 - Top reviewer Apr 10 2017
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Definitely one of Novas best videos yet. The quality of the video is so detailed its like living in the scene in your own bedroom. Great job Nova!!!

VERY HOT ASIAN COUPLE FUCKING SCENE. The preview is just the tiniest glimpse into this hot fuck scene with Nova. The scene starts out with a thorough solo masterbation scene with Nova. She gets rubbed off until she cums. There is a very hot blowjob in this scene. Just like the asian girl next door would suck your dick. Then some super hot fucking in a bunch of really horny positions. This scene will be hard not to cum early on it is so hot all the way through. There isn't a lot of acting in this scene like some of Nova's other films, but it makes up for with very intense emotion and realism