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School Idol MAKI Masturbates To Audience

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Lana Rain

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114,436 5.0
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;)lol good video(Y))

Oh Demon Girl PLZ PUNISH ME!!!

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Apr 2
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Wow, Just wow. I am amazed that she was able to do this in just one take, and cum not just once as well. I do like how everyone's though including Makis were being showed on screen. Man can be interesting as much as women when it comes to sexual thoughts. Once again, one of the best uncut a-tiers she had to release .Amazing work Lana. I look forward to seeing more

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I'm gonna spend all week fantasizing about bumping into this girl on the subway. She's so fucking hot I don't even know where I would start with her.

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omg I can not believe that she did this all in one go and for her to do it all in one go show you how much time she put in to make every video the as amazing as the next one

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Loved the cosplay. Very sexy and hot. The little conversations in the background i thought were a nice touch. This is really the closet live hentai content there is and i love.

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Cosplay is great, choreography is hot, and the script is enjoyable. So glad it was uncut. Wish this was a solo performance I could have been in the audience for.

A-Tier][1080p][Plot][Role Play] Nishikino MAKI, a member of the popular school idol group, "µ's", has had something very crucial to her on her mind lately and she's ACHING to let it out and share it with everyone. When she's finally in the middle of her solo performance on stage in front of an audience of 400,000 people, she finally gets her chance... |||||||||||||||||||||||||| This video is recorded in ONE CONTINUOUS shot. That means the camera never cuts and never stops recording until the very end of the video! This A-TIER has A LOT of text dialogue, probably close to or more than even the 2B Fuck Machine A-Tier I released last month. From the audience watching her, her own thoughts, and even the other members of her school idol group, you'll be able to see what they're all thinking