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Jacquelyn Velvets Giantess Ass

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Jacquelyn Velvets has shrunk her competitor from work and brought him home in her purse. His new role in life is to be her ass slave and this fulfills a life long fantasy of hers. When she gets to her desk, she lowers her pants and thong and places him between her ass cheeks, before sitting down. There are a few squirms and bounces as she settles down in her seat. After awhile, she comments that her butt is sweaty and pulls her trousers and panties down to expose just her full bare bottom before sitting down again. Now she can concentrate as she tells her new toy what is in store for him. Sometimes she may fart on him and he will have no other choice than to smell it. Since she did not tell anyone about what happened to him, nobody will know where he is. Jackie hopes that he suffers while in her deep, dark crack. The ultimate humiliation is that he will be her ass cleaner after she goes to the bathroom. A phone call disrupts Jacquelyn's demands but her friend offers to take her out for Mexican food. It will not be a pleasant evening for her ass slave tonight! OTHER KEYWORDS- Jacqueline Velvets, long hair, brunette, blonde hair, blond, blonde, role play