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Freebie Tuesday

Gay Secret Exposure


Lucy Skye

American / USA
6:05 min - Apr 4 - .AVI - 194.40 MB


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After snooping through your computer files, I stumbled upon something that, to be honest, didn't surprise me. Gay porn. Lots and lots of filthy gay porn. Cock licking, dick sucker, ass fucking - all the gay porn you could get your perverted hands on. Now now, I'm sure your wife wont approve of this... and itd be such a shame for her to find out. I can gladly keep a secret - as long as you do something for me. Whats that you ask? Well.. you'll have to act out this gay fantasy of yours, in front of me. That's right - ill keep your gay secret away from your personal life, if you actually suck some cock for me. Ready to play