Sassy Student Makes You Stroke


Brookelynne Briar

Canadian / Canada
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I know exactly what you are up to! Calling me into your office and giving me detention due to some rumor you heard about my "bad behaviour". Well, you aren't as clever as you think you are, Professor. I know this is just an elaborate ploy to get me to stay behind after school. I've seen the way you look a me. I know how much you want me. You are a giant pervert who can't help himself. Too bad you didn't realize how much control this gives me over you. Now you have no choice to do exactly what I tell you to - otherwise I'll tell everyone how much of a perv you really are. Lucky for you, all I really want is to watch you tug that cock of your off until you cum all over my titties. I can tell it's just waiting to pop out of your pants and explode. So go on, Professor. Stroke that big dick for me