Barefoot Pedal Pumping Heel Toe Shifting

12:17 min - Apr 03 - .MP4 - 1.05 GB


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Brittany Lynn is back for another fast and fun pedal pumping adventure. She knows how to slam the pedals and this time she is in the mood to do it barefoot. She invites you along for the ride and then the view shifts to her legs and sexy 6.5 feet on the pedals. Her Civic Si 6-speed is the perfect pedal pumping car and she shows off quickly at how she can control the pedals. Her bare feet look stunning and her toenails are painted a sexy pink that seems to really pop in the sunlight. She flies through the gears and shifts fast and in no time at all is then downshifting, her feet all over the gas, clutch, and brake pedals. Brittany Lynn then gets to really showing her prowess as a pedal pumping pro. She starts to do more advanced techniques like heel toe, double clutch, and even rev matching while doing both. Her engine purrs and screams as she does the various driving techniques. She continues to fly all around the surface streets, the emphasis always being on her legs and sultry feet. Her pedal pumping fun goes on with her feet all over the various pedals and she just can't get enough. She ends by thanking you for coming along and talks about how she loves to feel the pedals with her bare feet and how the vibration of the engine is so good when she is barefoot. You know she will be back soon with more pedal pumping action, and you know she will once again take you along for the ride. Included in this clip: Pedal Pumping, Driving, Barefoot, Foot Fetish, Toenail Fetish, Pink Toenail Polish, Stick Shift, Heel Toe, Double Clutch, Rev Matching, Driving Barefoot, Blondes