Getting Into My Pee & Milk Fetish

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alex11812822 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 13
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another super sexy milk and pee video that I really loved to watch. There is something about the mixture of pee and milk that is just so damn sexy. It really looks like she loves what shes doing and that makes it really hot. I would definitely recommend this video to any potential buyers!

Oh a day that most people call dreary I found fun. Filling up a Mason jar of pee that I've been saving all morning and having the control to start and stop at my own pace to tease myself. Mixing in breastmilk for flavor and to keep my cup warm. Sucking out of my full breasts just to let it run down my body, between my lips and into my pee. Once I top off with all I have left I take a stroll outside to pour the still warm pee and breastmilk combo all over my breasts and down my body in the pouring rain making for the ultimate playtime experience