Roommate Catches You Peeking At Her

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559 5.0
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fakeaccount11 Oct 8 2017
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Definitely inspired the custom video I ordered

Marissa Sweet Oct 13 2017

That makes me so happy to hear, I take it you like seeing me dripping wet. ;)

MaestroAndrew Apr 6 2017
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Marissa plays the sweet but impossibly sexy girl next door thing as well as anyone I've ever seen. Equal parts Angel, Devil, and Marissa. She's a really fantastic actress, and keeps this fun, entertaining, but most importantly sooo hot. Such an incredible body. Trust me, this one is definitely worth buying, so buy it! Cheers.

Marissa Sweet Oct 5 2017

Thank you so much for writing this review, it means so much to me that you liked it that much. <3

This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual. The script reads as followed: It'll follow a somewhat similar format as the Summer Vacation vid. You and I are roommates. We're not bf/gf but we're definitely really close and comfortable together, almost as if we were. It starts out kind of like your shower scene, you're wearing really tight jeans, panties, and a casual t-shirt with no bra (which you take off last). Undress casually and slowly, mostly with your ass close to the camera. You don't have to shower for long. Just long enough to get your body wet. After getting out stand in front of the camera for about a minute, but PLEASE don't dry off yet! It'll then pick up in your bedroom with you standing in front of the mirror. Camera set just below your ass pointed slightly upward. You're still wet and naked from the shower doing your hair or makeup or whatever in front of the mirror. Every now and again walk back near the camera and stand. After a couple minutes your roommate knocks and has some lame excuse as to why he needs to come in. You laugh and roll your eyes because you know he's aware you're getting ready. You're not mad or annoyed, if anything you're flattered that your body turns him on as much as it does. But you're gonna have some fun teasing him. You answer his knock by saying something like "You can come in but I'm naked and wet so you're not allowed to look, Ok?" For the next several minutes you'll be be doing things like subtly dancing and shaking your ass while doing your hair, seductively toweling off, putting moisturizer on your body. With each thing you do go back with your face close to the camera and say something like "David, I'm about to put moisturizer all over my soft round ass. So remember: no peeking" etc… After doing that for however long, at one point you turn around quickly and catch "me" looking. You start laughing "I knew it! DAVID!" Again, you're not annoyed or mad. The dynamic is playful and flirtatious, but gets sexier in a sweet GFE kind of way that you do so perfectly, Marissa. : ) "And now look at you. Look at how hard you are. Are you hard because of me? Did you get hard when you were watching my body moving, David? Were you jealous of the drops of water that you watched slowly travel down my curves and absorb into my skin; becoming a part of me? I love how much you love my body. Think about it as I stroke you. It's all for me, David." Afterwards put your lips close to the camera and simulate a couple slow kisses, and then like you flipped a switch go back to laughing and playfulness and say "Now David can you PLEASE get out of my room now and let me get dressed?!?" Then you stand up put your clothes on
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