Losing the Farm


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
20:11 min - Apr 04 - .MP4 - 1.74 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Your mother has finally convinced you to come visit her at your family’s farm. You left once you were 18 and didn’t look back, happy to let go of your stifling religious upbringing. Your father died a few years back, but you were in Beijing on business and didn’t bother to come home to mourn the old prick. Now that your mother is all alone, you’ve softened a bit and agree to a one-day visit. When you get there, she looks exhausted. She makes you coffee and starts to dote on you, telling you how proud she and your father were to see you do so well. You believe it from her, maybe. Then comes the kicker, the reason you’re here: the farm is failing. She needs money, and no one will give her a loan. Nothing too huge, she tells you. Just $10,000. You laugh. You never thought you’d see the day. But you do want something. It’s something you’ve wanted a very long time. Something you used to day dream of behind the barn, with your cock in your hand. You see, a farmer’s wife is an active wife. Strong. Lean. Fit. Healthy. Even an older woman. You’ve always had a thing…for your mother. For all the changes your life has gone through, one thing hasn’t changed: the number 1 spot in your spank bank. Good old ma. You tell her that you’ll gladly loan her the money, but under your loan terms and conditions. She’s happy to oblige, and starts to mention interest and lengths before you shut her up, and tell her what they are. You. On your knees, in front of me. She’s so naïve she gleefully does it, clasping her hands in prayer. You tell her that’s not it, taking your cock out and wagging it’s full hardness in her face. She’s so shocked she doesn’t move, just watches. You tell her the way it’s going to happen, if it happens at all. She pleads with you, begging you for anything else – 25% interest, become a partner in the farm – but you tell her to shut up and start sucking. This prim and proper bitch has teased you for so long, you’re finally going to get what you want from her