Bound Foot Tickling


Fifi Foxx

American / Florida
7:53 min - Apr 5 - .MP4 - 345.87 MB


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After being kno.cked out, Fifi wakes up to her therapist, Whitney, finishing the hog-tie that she's been bound in. She panics, struggling to get free, but is helpless against the restraints. "Let me go," Fifi desperately pleas, but the therapist decides to have some fun with her. Unable to control her deep tickling desires, Whitney begins softly tickling Fifi's bare soles with her fingertips. Fifi bursts out into laughter, and Whitney continues to tickle the rest of her body. Once Whitney's craving has been satisfied, she leaves to get the car ready to throw Fifi in. With only a tiny fraction of time before Whitney gets back, Fifi unties and frees herself, escaping from the psychotic therapist