Birthday Binge HD


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
4:21 min - Apr 08 - .MP4 - 92.24 MB


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Penny Lee turned 25 last week and we all know what Birthday weeks mean...way to much eating and dking with no exercise. You can clearly see how much weight Penny has put on straight away while she shows off her very curvy figure in her black undies. Penny is looking very bloated and has for sure had some weight gain since her last video. She gives you another diary of her birthday week explaining where the weight has come from and how much food and drk she has consumed. She shows off her larger stomach, its looking rather bloated and less toned. Should Penny start measuring and weighing her self so she can start to see exactly how much weight she has put on or does Penny Lee need to get her ass back down the gym and stop eating