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Freebie Tuesday

Dee gets fucked again

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This is the second time that I have been invited to Dee’s place to fuck her. Her boyfriend watches as Dee and I fuck. On this occasion we decided that we would have sex in her living room, Dee had gone out and bought a sexy basque too. We started by having a great snog and Dee decided that she wanted to play with my cock, so I unzipped and pulled my jeans down and Dee got hold of my hard-on and started wanking me. I decided that it would be better if she used her tongue and mouth on it instead, so she went down on it and sucked and licked – very nice indeed. I then went down on Dee and licked out her wet pussy, tasting her juices, she fucking loved it, but loved it even more when we started fucking. Dee went on her back and spread her legs and I slipped my hard cock into her and started pounding, I almost shot my load in her but her boyfriend did say before we started that I was not to shoot my cum in Dee, I was to plaster here tits with it. We fucked in various positions before I blew my load on her mammaries. I have been invited back to fuck Dee again real soon