Mastering Your House Elf

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1,207 5.0
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daa10110 May 25
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Super fucking hot, she nails the roleplay and the blowjob itself is out of this world. Definitely a new favorite :)

Ryan_Titsman - Top reviewer May 14
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Your creativity and sense of character-building is so admirable.

fubster May 8
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Really like this submissive elf stuff

dorkknight - Top reviewer Apr 9
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This video is a lot of fun (and super sexy)! I loved the storyline, and the house elf is an excellent character. Hopefully she'll come back for future videos...I'm sure her master has some more chores she can do! :)

Your newly arrived house elf is so pleased to have you as her first human master. After giving her a sexy uniform, and catching her excitedly bouncing on the bed proclaiming how cute you are, she begs you to let her repay you for your kindness in ways other than cleaning your house even better. How could you resist that cute face? Turns out this spritely little thing is REALLY good at sucking your cock and has a very strong focus on tasting your cum after she hears that that good girls swallow. Fill her mouth with cum and watch her smile! ***I noticed while editing that a few shots, although beautiful, became a tad out of focus, making it look a bit dreamy vs. clear. I took a dollar of the price to reflect my acknowledgement of this imperfection*** This was one of my favorite clips I've ever made because I fell in love with this character. There is a LOT of fan service here: lots of boob bouncing a la Ecchi Anime ;) This clip includes: big tits, fantasy, elf, ears, roleplay, pov sex, boy/girl, cum swallowing, cum shot, pov blowjob, deep throat, slave, master, submissive sluts, dirty talk, makeup, costume, lingerie, boob bouncing, big ass, cleaning, bbw, curvy, thick, pawg