Natalie Nixon Korree Star Fuck Workout Canon 7D Camera

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Exclusive for my members, here's my alternate camera angle of this scene shot with a Canon 7D at 720P doing 60 frames per second. While the other angle is 1080p and has a wider angle, I feel this high frame-rate version is beautiful, crystal clear and worthy of being uploaded. If you haven't read the description of my romp with little blonde Natalie, here it is: Natalie Nixon (also known as Korree Star) walked into my Texas Sex Training Gym thinking that I'd be training her to be sexy. Instead she got a full hands-on course on how to suck my dick, how to get her pussy eaten out, how to fuck and finally how to accept a load of my cum on her pretty little face -- and all this before 8 AM in the morning! Nice. First I told Natalie she wasn't exercising all the muscles she had available. Confused, I had her remove the skimpy workout clothes she wore so her pore could properly breath. Starting with the small holes in her body was easy so I moved on to the larger ones and in no time I'd stuffed Natalie with my rock hard dick soon to be followed with a mouth load of my trainer jizz. Check out how quickly and efficiently I make sure my dick gets to pump in and out of this hot little petite blonde's pussy. You may wonder how Natalie Nixon reacted to my fuck training. Answer: Like a pro. In fact, she helped me reach both my daily calorie burning goal and all my step goals, plus she got off as a bonus. #SquadGoals. Natalie Nixon took her Texas Sex Gym Training in stride as she effortlessly sucked me which I followed up by sucking her teen pussy dry. Before I knew what was happening next I found myself banging her tight twat every which way I wanted. We finished up our training sesh by with a stream of my love lube going all over her adorable 18 year old face. Training success stories

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