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TOBI PACIFIC Canadian cocksucker casting


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
7:36 min - Apr 06 - .MP4 - 85.75 MB


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TOBI PACIFIC: Canadian cocksucker casting Tobi and her spiral-curled hair dropped by my place for a cocksucking casting. Tramp stamp of her sign, Virgo, which means "the virgin." Tobi says her father still thinks she's one. Her stage name is comprised of the name of her dog and the first street that she lived on. Her high school friends said she was the most likely to do porn. She wore a colour-coordinated ensemble of a fluorescent pink and yellow bra, thong, and thigh-high stockings. Toni sought the business out when she was 17 after meeting Ron Jeremy at a party in Vancouver. On her 18th birthday, she responded to a newspaper ad. She and her boyfriend pick up girls at bars, take them home and fuck them. Tobi eats the cum out of the girls' asses. Fellow Canadian, like me! 5'0" tall, like me....almost. Favourite parts of her are her ass and eyes. Shakes and jiggles her ass while posing in doggy. Tobi admits to being a freaky girl. I thumb her bum and we talk about East Hastings Street, a place to find cheap hookers and speed. Toni sucks my thumb directly from her ass and says it tastes like maple syrup. She sucks all her toes on her left foot. Shaved pussy. Tobi drops to her knees to pay homage to my dick. Outstanding cock worship. Deep throat face pumps. "Ooh, yeah, I want to taste your cum!" Auto impaling. She says the cum goes all the way down her throat and that she likes to taste it as it drips down, all warm and sticky. "Please, Sir, cum down my little throat, and then they can swim around in my belly." I dump a hot lunch into this happy slut's gaping mouth. She thanks me with the cum still on her tongue while giving two thumbs up. I tell her that she's made all of Canada proud and she replies, "Great Canadian beaver!" If only all cocksuckers were as happy as Tobi, the world would be a better place