My Boyfriend's Best Friend

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American / New York
1,402 5.0
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THE MGA Aug 25

So beautiful and naughty love this video and love those beautiful sexy feet :-)

arrow2ken - Top reviewer Apr 6
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Cludinasky plays a Sorority girl in this hot video. Love the new camera. Gives you all the definition for the goodies. Hot dirty talk with those supple bouncing boobs makes this video a must have. Pure 15 minutes of heaven.

1080P (this is first video filmed with my new high end camcorder, so quality is excellent in ratio to my previous vids): This was a custom video idea, that takes place at a "Sorority Pool Party", I see my boyfriend invited some flat-chested bimbo to the party, & has been flirting with her the whole time, I even overhear them talking about the sex they had last weekend, I suspected something, & come to confide in you, your his best friend, I trust you'd be honest with me. After minutes of complaining and just getting so sick of looking at them, I ask you if you think my tits are better than hers? I encourage you to touch them real quick to give me honest opinion, you give me a 10, that was just the boost I needed to hear, I see your losing control of yourself as your cock grows in your swim trunks, and decide for us to go to a more secluded space. Once in side I strip out of bikini, explaining that I know your single, and I can help you with your fantasies & fetishes. I know that your single, that you love well-kept feet, and a nice sexy ass, well just wait until I show you my pretty feet, making you lick them, and turning over so you can lay your eyes on my amazing ass. AS things get worked up feeling your tongue in and on my ass, I tell you to come let me show you heaven. I lay down and you stick your cock inside me, letting my tits bounce all over, my pretty feet in your view, and the tight pink pussy. I ask for you to not cum inside of me for I am not on birth control and very fertile right now. AS you give it to me, I orgasm like crazy & keep contracting, that I tell you to fuck it just cum inside my pussy, the bastard deserves this. You blow a big load inside of me, & I am in shock it happened but also so excited it did, that I hope this isn't the end, I gather my things and have us leave before my boyfriend, your best friend suspects anything but I hope this will happen again soon.... (feet fetish, big tits, bikini, flip flops, impregnation/raw fucking, dirty talk, big ass included in video
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American / New York
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