Sex Ed - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
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I notice you staring at the box of tampons in my purse. I ask why you're so fascinated, haven't you ever seen a tampon before? You're my dorky little brother and you worship me. I decide to give you a little sex ed lesson. I pull down my panties and show you the tampon string hanging out from my pussy. Your cock is instantly hard in your pants. I notice and tease you. I teach you about the monthly cycle. I tell you about how powerful women used to be, how ancient queens would allow their most loyal subjects to consume their menses. I pull the tampon out of my pussy and dangle it in your face. How about it bro, are you my loyal subject. I tell you to lick it. Of course you lick it. I teach you more about vaginas, masturbating & smearing my menses on my thighs. I allow you to lick it off my fingers, then my inner thighs & labia. I cum. You're still hard in your pants, I ask if you need a hand from big sis and pat your bulge. You cum instantly & I laugh, telling you you'd better go wash your pants. Includes taboo themes, masturbation