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King Noire and Haley Reed were booked to shoot a scene together and put up at the producers rental home for the weekend. After arrive they recieve a message that the scene was cancelled but to make themselves at home non the less.Haley hops in the shower and King turns on his own camera. "We are here we might as well fuck and film it for the people" he says. "Why do you think I'm in the shower" Haley replies. "You know you only got clean to get dirty right?!" The two thenproceed to take turns shooting POV shots of one another licking, tasting and fucking. Kings fat cock stretches Haley's tight hole from every angle and at times she forgets that she is the camera woman. Kings face in her pussy while she filmsnspires the hashtag #bigdickfeminism and will inspire many orgasms for all who choose to cum with them