Cuckold Therapy ft. Cherry Mavrik

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aug 1, 2022Stream and Download1.52 GB21m04 FHDIncluded in Get My Vids

Tonight my wife Robin Coffins and I have a couples therapy appointment with Dr. Cherry Mavrik. We have been having a little marital troubles in the bedroom… Dr. Mavrik can clearly see what a tragic situation my small cock is and suggests a little immersive therapy… She is a Doctor right? Robin and I didn't know what to think but we're desperate for results. Dr. Mavrik showed us what a "REAL" cock looks like! It was like TWICE the size!! Cherry doesn't disappoint when she stretches Robin's pussy out enough to squeeze mine in too! Double Vaginal is definitely my favorite!!!!! It made me cum so fast that Doctor Mavrik had to plow my wife in front of me and make sure Robin came too! After pleasing my wife for me the Doctor commanded me to my knees and covered my face in her HUGE superior load! I think we will be back again next week for sure!

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