Milk Me


Lacy Luck

American / USA
17:12 min - Apr 07 - .MP4 - 534.02 MB


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This clip was made to order, but you can join the fun! Message me for your own custom order. Details: Lots of breast play with dirty talk about how huge and full of milk my breasts are. "You're finally home, babe." "We're you thinking about these all day?" "They're so big and full for you hun, they feel like they're about to pop!" "Do you love how huge my tits are, baby? I'm so big honey, I have so much milk for you!" "Mmm, look at how full they are. You better milk 'em baby." "That's it babe, milk those huge jugs. Milk my big boobs." "You love it so much, don't you?" "Look how turned on you are, let me feel it while you suck, babe" "What's going to make you cum hard, hun?" "You love how big and huge they are, don't you? They're like big balloons full of milk babe, about to pop." "Why don't you keep me pregnant all the time, babe? See how big these things get." I end the clip with begging you to milk me and cum hard. I don't release any milk in this clip, it's all milky dirty talk. Want to see my milk? Try my other LACTATING clips