Post-Workout Funky Sex



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Not only did I walk to the gym in the disgusting heat, I then walk into a gym that clearly has no working air conditioning unit! Sure, I could have come home, but I was there! I had to do something. Well, afterwards, I'm dripping sweat and head to the sauna because of my daily habits. It's obviously messed up because of the A/C issues, and I come out like I've just jumped into the pool. And now here I am, home and hot and sweaty. There's no way you want to be around me right now... Oh? You don't mind? Wow. Are you sure? Let me show you how DRENCHED my panties are over this... Let me show you how dirty and wet my socks are... Look at me! I'm soaked! You're really okay with this? Damn! That turns me on so much. Get over here. I want you cock to slip inside this wet cunt and get nice and dirty