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Freebie Tuesday

First time in ropes FF

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Good evening)) In general, seems I slow down. Although still a little strange feeling. As if I had known some deep mystery itself. Interesting feeling. )) At the same time I feel a little bolder than before. As if feeling helpless yesterday I became braver today: D I guess I did not explain very clearly, but in another way I can not. If we talk about the process ... There was no panic, you're talking about. Unless it was a bit scary when the rope on the hip strongly dug into the skin. Until now, bone pain, but marks on the skin left. But the shoulders and chest speckled)) In general, the pain somewhat hampered relax. Yes, I'm in a whole top was pretty tense. It not immediately realized that you should leave everything and just enjoy. ) Toward the end of strained only when it hurt. But I can not say that I did not like. Especially when you lifted my feet higher. Knowing myself, I thought that in such a situation I definitely cut down. Nooo it was very cool. Straight very. Especially when I slowly rocked back and forth, then nearly fell asleep. : D I liked your palms on my neck. ) I feel it. As well as grasping the hair. Blissed out when the rope tight snug body. Until now, until the end of themselves do not understand. Always it seemed to be afraid of pain. And your movement eventually caused anything, but do not fear. When I was lying on back at some point cheeks tingled. For the first time I feel something similar. But it was unusual and nice. Then even tingling ears. And after all, I was pretty close to burst into tears. I can be when I was covering a huge wave of emotions, I am completely immersed in them. And when I start to deviate from them, I catch the second wave, however strange it may sound. ))) And then I used to roar. As after sex. Anyway in general I felt like after sex, just feeling a little bit different, and all is felt much more, harder and deeper. And I still feel a bit slow