Prego Little Sis U Knocked Up Beg 4 More

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Your little sister is wearing a tiny yellow sun dress and rubbing her big pregnant belly when you walk into the room. She is so thankful that you helped her out and even though it is a secret between the two of you, it is in fact you who knocked her up. Her husband couldn't so you stepped in like a good big brother to save the day. While she initially only wanted to fuck you to get pregnant like she did, she now wants more. She has come to realize that the more her pregnancy moves along, the more she craves your cock. You were such a good lay that she starts to practically beg you for it. She starts to show off her big pregnant belly and her swollen big tits. She talks about how they are filling up with milk and that she will soon be able to spray that milk, all over you if you want. She wants your cock and wants taboo sex from you so she starts to turn on the seduction. She talks about all the ways in which you can fuck her as she shows off her pregnant pussy. She also shows you the various positions that she wants you to fuck her in by posing for you. She might be your sister, but right now she is a horny bitch and she is craving your cock. She goes on to tell you that even after she delivers she will want to be knocked up again. She will always keep it a secret, but she will again want you to be the one to knock her up. She begs and pleads for your dick and finally gets you to agree. So, she lays back on the couch and spreads her slutty legs, ready to take your taboo seed deep in her pregnant pussy once more. Included in this clip: Taboo, Pregnant, Impregnation Fantasy, Prego, Sister Brother Fantasy, Little Sister, Knocked Up, Knock Me Up, Posing, Dirty Talk, Big Tits, Blonde Sister, Blondes