That Little Wee Wee's Lucky Day



Mexican / USA
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Well that wee wee of yours is definitely something different. It's so much smaller than what I am used to but you know what? We are going to make it work. I know you've probably never heard that before but it's ok. We are going to make the best of it. I have a really tight pussy so it's ok that you aren't extra large like all of my boyfriends. I'll even encourage you and pretend to moan when you squeeze it in as deep as you can. It's actually kind of cute since you aren't stretching me out like those big stallions do so I don't have to worry about being sore after you're done "fucking" me. There are some positions I've always wanted to try that aren't possible with the bulls I fuck. The big dick boys don't get to cum on my face because they simply squirt too much and my face would be drenched in cum but guess what? You have cute little balls to match your little pecker so not only am I going to let you put your driblets of cum on my face but I'll also tell you what I will do to your little pecker to speed up the process because I know hard it is to drip when it's that size