FTM Vampire's Pet - Master's Treat

303 5.0

NB Jupiter

British / A magical land
303 5.0
9:58 min - Apr 10 - .MP4 - 654.33 MB


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TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Apr 14
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As always, Jupiter commits to the roleplay, with dialogue about how he misses his vampire master and how much he enjoys being food for him. He looks so hot in his outfit, the mesh top offering a tantalizing view of his breasts and his shorts hugging his butt. Jupiter teases his perky breasts, bouncing them and popping them out of his top, before sexily working his shorts off to reveal his stunning ass. Turning around and thrusting it into the air, Jupiter pulling his underwear to the side and talking about how his holes are his master's to fuck are a major turn on. Sitting up for a wonderful view, he pulls the collar tight against his throat while pleasuring himself with a vibrator, mixing roleplay and breath play for an especially amazing orgasm.

You're out on a hunting trip, and your pet is missing you dearly! So much so, that he has decided to record a special video, just for you