Freebie Tuesday

BBW Big Ass PAWG Banana Butt Crush

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You will never be so envious of a piece of fruit/banana in your life one you watch this video. I was in a bad mood & decided to take my frustrations out on 3 unsuspecting ripe bananas that were sitting nearby. I pull my blue panties deep into my big booty to give me a deep wedgie. I put the delicate sweet fruit between & under my big butt & flatten it in no time. I stand up and drop my big 60 inch ass down on another one over and over almost breaking my seat. You hear the seat creaking under my massive weight. I don't know if it's going to hold up but I keep going anyway. I put one banana between my fat ass cheeks and rub it on my asshole while I jerk it off like it's your hard dick. I ride, sit, bounce, butt crush & squeeze the bananas to a pulp. I annihilate and utterly obliterate them with such ease. My ass means serious business. Check out the big mess I made. Now it's time for your tongue to lick all the sticky banana guts off my big bubble butt. If you love sex big girls crushing food with big strong devastating asses then you will love this video. Download it now! Includes: food crush, crushing, crush fetish, food & object crush, riding, grinding, wedgies, panty fetish, big butt, whooty, pawg, dirty talk, booty clapping, ass smacking, eye glasses, wig fetish, mouth fetish, sucking, licking, sucking banana, messy, ass flexing, butt clenching, POV, fetish & much more