Handcuffed Violet Gets Felt Up & Fucked



American / Boston
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18 year old Violet Sky has been handcuffed naked to a metal coat rack and has been struggling to free herself when her masked nude attacker comes out of hiding and starts feeling up her naked body. Violet hates this creepy man putting his sweaty hands all over her nude body. Things are about to get much worse as his cock starts to get hard while feeling her up. Violet feels his hard dick rubbing up against her ass and fears that he'll stick it in her tight little pussy and that's just what he does. He shoves his hard cock right into her 18 year old pussy. He starts to fuck Violet and she despises it. She just want him to stop his sexual assault of her. Eventually he removes his cock from her pussy and continues to feel up her young nude body and taunt her with promises of more sexual assaults