Audra Doodlebug adorable sploshing pt 2



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Part 2 of Audra and Doodlebug starts out with the two ladies already a tremendous mess. Audra paints her partner's arms with some icing, before turning it on herself, and then starts trying to toss some candies in the air and catch them in her mouth. Realizing that it's a little difficult to do with sticky hands, the ladies move on to covering one another with whipped cream, and then get into place for some whipped cream spankings, including some slow motion explosions! Audra, our reigning champion of chubby bunny challenges Doodlebug to a contest which she wins by a great margin. Doodlebug tried to keep up but Audra just kept jamming in more and more! Honey is our next messy ingredient and the ladies dress one another's backsides and front with the sticky bee juice. There was a nearly endless palette of messy supplies and they moved on to tubes of yogurt nest, squeezing gogurt all over their faces and bodies, even shooting each other with it in slow motion. After finishing the probiotic bath, Audra becomes a human slip and slide laying under her partner while they slide back and forth. Keeping in line with the inundation of requests we've had for messy wedgies, the girls put their underpants back on, and take turns filing them up with left over goo, marshmallows, frosting, gogurt and other messy treats until they're sagging with silmy goodness. They grab one another's waist bands and give a great yank! Of course you get a slow motion shot of that as well. Getting toward the end of our set Audra let's me know that the cupcake tossing event is in "hard mode" and wiggles her butt back and forth, but it's no challenge for my cupcake tossing skills as I land them all squarely on target for both ladies. We'd forgotten we had some strawberry syrup left so they simulated a crime scene painting each other red. Doodlebug gives Audra the traditional pie to the face, and then they spray themselves off with some sparkling grape juice. True to MessyHot style, we wrap it up with the ladies on their knees and a condensed milk facial which they share with joy