Taboo HD: Daddy! I Peed

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Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
11,131 5.0
17:41 min - Jun 09 - .MP4 - 559.40 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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i wait you

please pm in messagges

so sexy!!

amazing. Would love to admire you in ultra sheer pantyhose or sheer nylon socks rahter than cotton socks. Cause your feet are too sexy to hide them. In see-through nylons you exalt it.

diosaera Sep 4 2017

You are great, I like all your videos

thanks !

what8it8do May 30 2017

Do you pee in the leo?

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Mike Bloomers - Top reviewer May 2
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For now my #1 bunnies video she’s perfect in every way , the outfit and the role playing are amazing. Keep them cumming!

davesyd - Top reviewer Jan 21
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Daddy/Age Play perfection. Perfect outfit choice and the amazing innocence shown by Bunnie in this role are among the many highlights.

seanh_97 - Top reviewer Oct 15
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Such a naughty but innocent little vid

moonman94 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 22 2017
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Probably My favorite Bunnie video, Super cute one piece and socks with dirty talk :) Just a great clip overall.

alex11812822 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 18 2017
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Super cute and sexy video that I really loved! Great if you like DD/lg videos. Solid 10/10 video for me!

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Apr 29 2017
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An amazing daddy video. Such a naughty little girl that dirty talks so well. Love her. <3

Bunnie Hughes Jun 10 2017


crispyderp - Top reviewer Apr 21 2017
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Another amazing vid from Bunnie! The leotard looks very sexy, and the roleplay is spot on as always. Love this vid!

dazz35 - Top reviewer Jun 14
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I love this video. Bunnie is very good at roleplay such a cutie. The video is full of lots of dirty talk, and oh the way she plays with her binky. You need this video in your collection

Daddy, I get so turned on when I think about you... sometimes at night, I touch myself thinking about you. I know you like looking at me and thinking of me, too... Sometimes when I touch myself, I get so turned on I lose control and pee! What's that Daddy? You wanna see? Okay, Daddy! I hope you love this as much as I do! This store is all about turning my passions and kinks into art for you to enjoy and get off to! -x0x0 Bunnie
Bunnie Hughes
American / The Ship Serenity
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