Taboo HD: Daddy! I Peed

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Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
12,347 5.0
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i wait you

please pm in messagges

so sexy!!

Arrakis84 Oct 5 2017

amazing. Would love to admire you in ultra sheer pantyhose or sheer nylon socks rahter than cotton socks. Cause your feet are too sexy to hide them. In see-through nylons you exalt it.

diosaera Sep 4 2017

You are great, I like all your videos

thanks !

what8it8do May 30 2017

Do you pee in the leo?

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jurassiccock - Top reviewer Nov 7
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Everyone's favorite video... this one was so hot. I love how she used the binki on her self, to get herself off and taste her cum. And when the pee dripped down her leg I had no idea it could be so sexy

Mikael31 - Top reviewer May 2
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For now my #1 bunnies video she’s perfect in every way , the outfit and the role playing are amazing. Keep them cumming!

davesyd - Top reviewer Jan 21
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Daddy/Age Play perfection. Perfect outfit choice and the amazing innocence shown by Bunnie in this role are among the many highlights.

seanh_97 - Top reviewer Oct 15 2017
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Such a naughty but innocent little vid

moonman94 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 22 2017
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Probably My favorite Bunnie video, Super cute one piece and socks with dirty talk :) Just a great clip overall.

alex11812822 - Top reviewer Aug 18 2017
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Super cute and sexy video that I really loved! Great if you like DD/lg videos. Solid 10/10 video for me!

Sasuke9211 - Top reviewer Apr 29 2017
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An amazing daddy video. Such a naughty little girl that dirty talks so well. Love her. <3

Bunnie Hughes Jun 10 2017


crispyderp - Top reviewer Apr 21 2017
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Another amazing vid from Bunnie! The leotard looks very sexy, and the roleplay is spot on as always. Love this vid!

dazz35 - Top reviewer Jun 14
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I love this video. Bunnie is very good at roleplay such a cutie. The video is full of lots of dirty talk, and oh the way she plays with her binky. You need this video in your collection

Daddy, I get so turned on when I think about you... sometimes at night, I touch myself thinking about you. I know you like looking at me and thinking of me, too... Sometimes when I touch myself, I get so turned on I lose control and pee! What's that Daddy? You wanna see? Okay, Daddy! I hope you love this as much as I do! This store is all about turning my passions and kinks into art for you to enjoy and get off to! -x0x0 Bunnie
Daddy and Lolita OUTTAKES
Bunnie Hughes
American / The Ship Serenity
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Bunnie Hughes
American / The Ship Serenity