Creating kEMBERly

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What do you get when you combine top trainee Kimberly Marvel with blond beauty Ember Skye? We're still not sure but we call this perfect pairing "kEMBERly." Kimberly had never done a training session with another girl and Ember appeared an ideal candidate. We start our trainees in teeny bikinis for a quick introduction. Pete holds the huge crystal as Head Trainer Mark places both girls into a very suggestible state. Kimberly and Ember use the swinging pocket watch in a battle for dominance. Ember take advantage of Kimberly's arms being stuck to her chair and swipes her bikini top. Ember is ready to return the top when it starts to itch but now her arms are stuck! Pete triggers both girls to remove their bikini bottoms and then moon the viewers. Before the video concludes, Ember has a massive orgasm when Kimberly holds her hand. Kimberly appears genuinely amazed to see what a trainee will do when under our spell. This was just the beginning for these two superstar trainees