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Freebie Tuesday

The Afterparty

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Jacquie Blu

American / Los Angeles
722 1.0
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shingler - Top reviewer Jun 9
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Love Jacquie but hated this film. Fifteen minutes of a fat bald guy getting sucked and nothing else. Poor definition and overpriced. I deleted it after downloading. Sorry, Jacquie. You can do a lot better.

I admit it's not one of my best, but this is not one of my self-produced titles.

The party is over and it's time to tie up some loose ends. After seeing the last guest out the door, only the DJ remains and he's ready to get paid for the gig. On this particular night, however, it turns out that the donation jar is unusually low and there's not nearly enough in there to pay his fee. Jacquie then must come up with an alternate method of payment that will not only leave him satisfied, but will also make him want to cum again! Starring Jacquie Blu and Jack Cannon