Black Widow Rides You - Andrea Rosu

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I see you have lost the diamond to Black Cat.  Hope you don't mind that I gave you a little nap. The accommodations are bare, but I like seeing you tied down and tape gagged. I have been looking for you because the word on the street is that you are the next big thing in crime.  Hill is going to ask you to join them, but I don't want you to and can make it worth your while to come to my side. If I pull my big tits out and grind on you, I bet we can come to some sort of agreement. Go ahead and lick them. They love a good sucking.  I bet it feels really good having them against your cock. How about a nice blowjob? It seems like we are on the same page and I want to ride you hard. You don't mind if I pull your hair as we finish together. Do we have a deal? OTHER KEYWORDS- costumes, cosplay, female domination, femdom, dirty talk, orgasms, Andrea Rosu, redhead, large tits, muscular woman, strong woman, point of view,  blue eyes, MILF, supervillain