Bad day smoke sesh

30 5.0
30 5.0
10:02 min - Jun 04 - .MOV - 1.12 GB - 1920x1080 HD
PokePride87 - Top reviewer Jun 30 2017
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Definitely a fun video to watch, especially getting to see Miss Kitty Moon in her natural beauty. Would loved to have had Audio!

So not only was my day rough, my luck sucked. I recorded 3 videos but didn't realize until editing that my mic was off the entire time. Aside from putting two clips together (camera stopped) this is a really raw video. I didnt do anything with my hair or face. Zero make up. lol Just my skinny jeans and bralette trying to be silly to cheer myself up. If you enjoy this video let me know I will remake it with sound
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